PLCEdit Download

PLCEdit is freeware, but if you find it useful, you can support its development.

v2.2.3 for Windows   (4.3MB, Setup .exe)
    - stable version, build r122 --> changelog
    - compatible to Microsoft Windows 2000/XP/7
    - requirements: x86 CPU, 800MHz, 512MB RAM, 30MB HDD
    - portable for USB drives   (4.3MB, zip folder)

v2.2.3 for Mac   (8.4MB)
    - stable version, build r122 --> changelog
    - universal binary for Mac OS 10.4+ (works also under Mac OX Yosemite)
    - requirements: PPC or x86 CPU, 466MHz, 512MB RAM, 30MB HDD

v2.2.1 for Linux   (5.0MB)
    - stable version, build r98 --> changelog
    - src + binary package for Linux i386
    - requirements: x86 CPU, 466MHz, 512MB RAM, 30MB HDD, Qt 4.5.x installed

older versions / additional content:

v0.9.9 Setup for Win   (530kB, Setup .exe)
    - stable beta version, v0.9.9 build 005
    - compatible to M$ Windows 98SE/NT4..2000/XP and Vista
    - requirements: x86 CPU, 266MHz, 256MB RAM, 10MB HDD

DEMO files   (22kB, zip folder)
    - POU files compatible to Sucosoft, CoDeSys, Step7, Multiprog

Only the latest version of PLCEdit and some additional stuff will be linked at the download page. (Some milestones are available at the changelog entries.)

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