v2.0b Dev Report No. 5

Oh, my last entry is from june. I’m sorry but there
were some private things to to. Now I’m working
on the next enhancements and some bug fixes,
eg. the batch converter bug, which causes same
content for all converted files Sad
I’ll try to publish the release candidate at the end
of december 2008.

At the moment I think about to use Scintilla as
the editor back-end. It could solve some basic
problems with the syntax highlighter and the
line numbers. But it would be a lot of work.
We will see... maybe in v2.1.

The actual todo list:
- new settings file handling (done)
- better CoDeSys support (v2rc1)
- timer based autosave (done)
- fix batch converter bug (done)
- syntax highlighter updates (done)
- interface enhancements (done)
- Help files (done, english)