Dev Report No. 9

The release v2.1.2 is nearly two and a half month old and during the last
time PLCEdit got some changes according to the announced ToDo list.
But the work would take a few month in addition if we want to leave the
list unchanged. The current feature improvements have reached a status
which allows a speedy release. So, what are the selected features?

- file comparision and differencing utility:
  a dialog window which shows two POUs side by side with in
  color highlighted differences; implemented as context menu
  of each page; comes with optional file open dialog
- function block call conversion:
  enhanced POU compatibility by converting function block calls
  into the appointed IDE call model; can be used as setting for
  the file save routines and as option for the batch processing
- support for Mitsubishi MELSOFT:
  support for .asc export files; supported CONFIGURATION files/sections
- updates:
  enhanced support of TYPE definitions;
  FUNCTION dialog with user defined data types

The upcomming release will not yet include the PLCOpen XML support.
The implementation takes to much time and would delay the release
until 2010.
For now there must be some points fixed regarding the file diff utility.
So, I hope we have 2.2.0 ready this month.