Versiontracker is horrible

I tried to update the version information for the PLCEdit Windows version 2.1.0.
A lot of days they did nothing and now they have changed v2.0.4 with the new
changelog of v2.1.0. What a bad service Sad

Actually, I wanted to release a new version today, which solves a small issue
in the function block dialog. The closing sign gets lost if the data type and/or
the I/O comments are deselected. But now I want to wait until versiontracker
has revised the version. I suppose otherwise they get totaly confused...


Release v2.1.0

The next larger version step is done and version 2.1.0 is available for download.
I had a look in the source and found a lot of small issues. Further I had included
a few ideas and feature requestst. In total, this represents a new version. Happy

The Import/Export routines were revised to be more faster and better in file
processing. Especially CoDeSys users will be happy about this update, because
comments at the declaration section will now accpeted at this position.
A default POU extension for new files can be selected at the preferences dialog.
Next the jumping of the pages element is solved. If Qt4.5.x is used the tab bar
looks a litle bit more professional (close Button in every tab, movable tabs).
But on Mac OS X the metal tool bar gets lost because this option is switched off
by using Qt 4.5, to prevent a fixed minimum size of 1000px for the main window.
The function block call dialog has now an option to include existing comments
of the block I/Os into the call model. This was a very good feature suggestion.
It helps a lot for source documentation.
I hate replace all functions, but yo’ve annoyed me enough at this point and now
here it is. It starts at the current position in the active window. At the end of the
window it tells you that it is ready to do it on the opposite window, but waits
until you hit the button again.
At least I’ve prepared the support for TYPE definitions. It is experimental and
works for CoDeSys export files only.

And what will be next?
Here is the new todo list:
- enhancement of the batch processing + including a CAL-converter
- PLCopen support
- enhancement of the TYPE defintion support
- file comparison and differencing utility

The CAL-convert function could help to make POUs more compatible to other
IDEs. It would be a great upgrade for the batch routine.
Maybe the adaption of an existing opensource file diff project could be done
without too much work. At least file diff tools are very useful for professional
work. For now have a look at this page.
The PLCopen support is a nice to have but it would fit well the basic idea of
PLCEdit - to be the missing link between the PLC IDEs.