Release v2.2.3

Today a new minor update of PLCEdit - Version 2.2.3. It was compiled for
Windows & Mac OS X and fixes the bug of not working session manager
under Windows 7 and brings the changes of v2.2.2 to the Mac version.

Sorry, but I’m not able to compile the Linux version at the moment Sad
Please build Linux version by downloading the sources and Qt4.x.

Release v2.2.2

Here comes a minor update of PLCEdit - Version 2.2.2. It was compiled for
Windows only and fixes the bug of missing line numbers. The versions
for other platforms will follow.

Today the compiled Windows version was uploaded again, because
of missing .dll files, caused by an incorrect static compiled Qt version.

Release v2.2.1

Today we see a minor update of PLCEdit - Version 2.2.1. It comes with some
bug fixes and also some nice to have features. Implementations of bigger key
features will not placed this year, maybe. So, also the support of OpenPCS is
not yet included as separate entry in the open and save dialogs.

Ok, what’s changed in v2.2.1?
First of all the session manager can now redirected to a user defined path.
Use the Default button at the preferences dialog if any problem occurs with
the session manager or the selected path.
Next PLCEdit contains now an update function to inform about updates of
the application.
I tried again to fix the tab/file list bug which occurs by saving a file if some
more files are opened.

Release v2.2.0

After a couple of month I proudly present the new major version of
PLCEdit. Version 2.2.0 comes with a lot of new features and got some
good enhancements under the surface.

The new key features are:
- support for Mitsubishi MELSFOT IEC files
- the function block call model converter

Next the support for infoteam’s OpenPCS has started. First files
of OpenPCS will be accepted as plain text POUs. Later seperated
entries in the file open and save dialogs will be added. The sources
are very clean, so there is only something to do regarding the file
extension management in PLCEdit.


Release v2.1.2

22 Days later - the second update for version 2.1 is out - v2.1.2.
This time I tried to clean the code base of PLCEdit and to include
smart enhancement - a unsaved file notification. I know it took a
while to include this, but I don’t like to get annoyed by a message
„You forgot to save one or more files“. And so there is an option
in the preferences to disable such bitchily nags Winking
The asterisk in the file list and on the tabs is maybe more useful.

I’ve also fixed some issues regarding the recent files list and the
print output. But I suppose that some more things could be done
to make the printout more acceptable.

If I remember correctly we had a todo list for a nexe major release.
Maybe it needs to be revised but in general it seems to be ok.

The actual todo list:
- file comparison and differencing utility
- PLCopen support
- enhancement of the batch processing + including a CAL-converter
- enhancement of the TYPE defintion support

Release v2.1.1

This version 2.1.1 is a much needed bug fix release.
There were some small but bad bugs in the former version 2.1.0, which
hinder effective working, for example the file save as function. It did not
save the correct content, because of changes in the last version Sad
I’ve found the problem and solved it. So please update to version 2.1.1.

Release v2.1.0

The next larger version step is done and version 2.1.0 is available for download.
I had a look in the source and found a lot of small issues. Further I had included
a few ideas and feature requestst. In total, this represents a new version. Happy

The Import/Export routines were revised to be more faster and better in file
processing. Especially CoDeSys users will be happy about this update, because
comments at the declaration section will now accpeted at this position.
A default POU extension for new files can be selected at the preferences dialog.
Next the jumping of the pages element is solved. If Qt4.5.x is used the tab bar
looks a litle bit more professional (close Button in every tab, movable tabs).
But on Mac OS X the metal tool bar gets lost because this option is switched off
by using Qt 4.5, to prevent a fixed minimum size of 1000px for the main window.
The function block call dialog has now an option to include existing comments
of the block I/Os into the call model. This was a very good feature suggestion.
It helps a lot for source documentation.
I hate replace all functions, but yo’ve annoyed me enough at this point and now
here it is. It starts at the current position in the active window. At the end of the
window it tells you that it is ready to do it on the opposite window, but waits
until you hit the button again.
At least I’ve prepared the support for TYPE definitions. It is experimental and
works for CoDeSys export files only.

And what will be next?
Here is the new todo list:
- enhancement of the batch processing + including a CAL-converter
- PLCopen support
- enhancement of the TYPE defintion support
- file comparison and differencing utility

The CAL-convert function could help to make POUs more compatible to other
IDEs. It would be a great upgrade for the batch routine.
Maybe the adaption of an existing opensource file diff project could be done
without too much work. At least file diff tools are very useful for professional
work. For now have a look at this page.
The PLCopen support is a nice to have but it would fit well the basic idea of
PLCEdit - to be the missing link between the PLC IDEs.

Release v2.0.4

Version 2.0.4 is released. It contains some essential fixes.
The file save dialog is now working exclusively with the selected file extension
on all platforms. Also the session save dialog, the current lines highlighter and
the recent files list were revised.

Release v2.0.3

An update is available - having fun again, by using PLCEdit! Happy
I’ve fixed a small but horrible bug. The lines highlighter and the printable
area routine causes the app to repaint the editor windows permanently
- at least the CPU load swings up to maximum Sad
Next I’ve solved some wrong handlings of the class PrefDialog. A window
resizing and a repeated opening of the POUs from the file autoSession.dat
should gone now.

Because my free time is limited, I’ll slow down the development of PLCEdit.
Hopefully version 2.1 can be released at the end of summer 2009.

Release v2.0.2

The next verison is there. It contains only some minor,
but nice to have editor improvements:
- recent files list
- lines highlighter
- print area indicator
I thought the sessions function was a very good thing.
But I have completely understimated the significance
of a recent files menu, although I use it every day with
my internet browser... You did requested it - here it is Happy
At least I’ve noticed, that the Mac OS X app was not
able to run on OS 10.4. I have corrected this issue.

What’s next? I don’t know! Of course, I have a ToDo list,
but the items on it will take a lot of development time
and currently my free time is limited. I think to improve
the import/export routine is a good next step.

Release v2.0.1

Today version 2.0.1 is released, caused from some
small bugs, mostly regarding the user interface.
Only the CoDeSys enahncement is a significant
innovation. Existing VISU sections will now readed
and included to the page.

Final Release v2.0.0

Today I proudly present the final release of PLCEdit v2.0.0
It was a long way to develop the codebase for version 2 of
this great application. In summer 2007 I’ve started to rewrite
the source by using Trolltech’s Qt GUI toolkit.
Now it is February 2009 and only the GUI structure of the
codebase for version 1 is nearly the same. The rest is more
or less completely new. At least I’ve created a svn repository
at, for a more transparent development.

What are the highlights of codebase v2?
--> PLCEdit is platform independent!
--> PLCEdit got some great functions in addition to v1!
--> PLCEdit is more compatible to the supported file types!
--> ...and PLCEdit is opensource!
Some bugs are still alive, but there should be nothing to make
PLCEdit unusable for you.

At least, thanks to all people who helped me with Qt and who
have tested & used PLCEdit over the last years! Happy

The actual todo list:
- spend some time with my wife
- visit my motorcycle
- dedusting my camera

v2.0 Release Candidate 2

PLCEdit v2.0 release candidate 2 is released today.

Today we try it again. I’m sorry for the last release.
It was very flawed and I’ve disabled the download. Sad
Some minor changes in the class PageCtrl causes
a lot of painful bugs. With the current fixes in the file
opening and file storge routines it should be done.
The new version was tested very hard and with all
sorts of nonsens - hopefully it was enough this time.

It seems there is a problem with Qt 4.x and the Mac
metal styled toolbar on Mac OS 10.5.x systems.
If PLCEdit crashes on your system, please contact
me - you’ll get a version without the metal toolbar.

The actual todo list:
- enable POU info dialog for KW-Soft description section (done)
- fixing some minor bugs, wich are still hiding
- preparing the app and the docu for the release

v2.0 Release Candidate 1

PLCEdit v2.0 release candidate 1 is released today.
Happy it’s cristmas time... Happy

I think it is time to freeze the current development status
after two betas. PLCEdit has reached the same amount
of functionality as v0.9.9 with the old development toolkit.
Some new features are also included. The handling of
CoDeSys v2.3.x .EXP files was improved - I think it was
a knock-out criterion for this version.

What's left or missing in this version?
The crc checksum support for Sucosoft POU files gives me
a headache. I don’t know if it will be done for version 2.0.

Next, I have some ideas about translating the Moeller function
block calls into CoDeSys (and other distributions) compliant
calls. A menu to include/call function blocks wich are opened
in PLCEdit is one of my favorites. At least it would be nice to
have a file comparison function.
I think this are good milestones for version 2.1 and up.

The actual todo list:
- fixing some minor bugs, wich are still hiding

Public Beta Release v2b2

I have decided to release the second public beta with one
open issue of the latest ToDo list. The needed revision of
the CoDeSys import and export function needs more time,
but I think you want to see the new version with its nice
improvements. The work on the release candidate will go
on starting at the end of june.
Please report all bugs of the actual beta version.

The new todo list:
- new settings file handling (v2rc1)
- better CoDeSys support (v2rc1)
- timer based autosave (v2rc1)
- Help files (v2rc1)

Public Beta Release v2b1

PLCEdit public beta v2b1 is released today.

After a couple of month in development I'm pleased to present
the first public beta of PLCEdit v2. Version 2 offers not really
new features. This version is primarily a rewritten version 0.9.9.
But the new code base offers some enhancements and opens
up the way for new ideas. As a great point the new code base
is platform independent. Now it works on Windows as well as
on Mac OS X and Linux.

What's left or missing in this version?
The actual todo list:
- language translations
- Help files
- CoDeSys .exp files enhancements
- timer based autosave of opened files
- save sessions as project option
- export as PDF file
- interface enhancements
- fixing some minor bugs