Release v2.1.2

22 Days later - the second update for version 2.1 is out - v2.1.2.
This time I tried to clean the code base of PLCEdit and to include
smart enhancement - a unsaved file notification. I know it took a
while to include this, but I don’t like to get annoyed by a message
„You forgot to save one or more files“. And so there is an option
in the preferences to disable such bitchily nags Winking
The asterisk in the file list and on the tabs is maybe more useful.

I’ve also fixed some issues regarding the recent files list and the
print output. But I suppose that some more things could be done
to make the printout more acceptable.

If I remember correctly we had a todo list for a nexe major release.
Maybe it needs to be revised but in general it seems to be ok.

The actual todo list:
- file comparison and differencing utility
- PLCopen support
- enhancement of the batch processing + including a CAL-converter
- enhancement of the TYPE defintion support