Versiontracker is horrible

I tried to update the version information for the PLCEdit Windows version 2.1.0.
A lot of days they did nothing and now they have changed v2.0.4 with the new
changelog of v2.1.0. What a bad service Sad

Actually, I wanted to release a new version today, which solves a small issue
in the function block dialog. The closing sign gets lost if the data type and/or
the I/O comments are deselected. But now I want to wait until versiontracker
has revised the version. I suppose otherwise they get totaly confused...


openSPS, versiontracker

Today I've found a great program, which follows the nice idea
to bring an IDE with integrated plc runtime environment to your
PC, including a simple and easy to build process connection.
To get more information visit . has updated the description for PLCEdit
with the right file link. I've seen that many other download
pages has included the new version of PLCEdit, too. Thanks.

Broken link on

I've seen that do not use a correct link to
the new Windows® version of PLCEdit. An information was
already sent to, but it seems that they
don't find time to update the link. I'm sorry.
As a bonus I have early updated the Windows® version to
build 006, which contains now an "open with..." function.

New Home

Welcome at the new PLCEdit website with its new adress
The home of PLCEdit has changed, preparative to the next mayor release.
The new website contains now a blog, which will be used to announce new
versions and also to inform about the development progress of PLCEdit.
In the next weeks the site will be enhanced more and more.

So, stay tuned.