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Today I've found a great program, which follows the nice idea
to bring an IDE with integrated plc runtime environment to your
PC, including a simple and easy to build process connection.
To get more information visit . has updated the description for PLCEdit
with the right file link. I've seen that many other download
pages has included the new version of PLCEdit, too. Thanks.

Broken link on

I've seen that do not use a correct link to
the new Windows® version of PLCEdit. An information was
already sent to, but it seems that they
don't find time to update the link. I'm sorry.
As a bonus I have early updated the Windows® version to
build 006, which contains now an "open with..." function.

Public Beta Release v2b1

PLCEdit public beta v2b1 is released today.

After a couple of month in development I'm pleased to present
the first public beta of PLCEdit v2. Version 2 offers not really
new features. This version is primarily a rewritten version 0.9.9.
But the new code base offers some enhancements and opens
up the way for new ideas. As a great point the new code base
is platform independent. Now it works on Windows as well as
on Mac OS X and Linux.

What's left or missing in this version?
The actual todo list:
- language translations
- Help files
- CoDeSys .exp files enhancements
- timer based autosave of opened files
- save sessions as project option
- export as PDF file
- interface enhancements
- fixing some minor bugs

v2.0b Dev Report No. 3

Today it looks very well. All work for v2b1 was done. Happy
Now I'm going to prepare the application for distributing.
The public beta will be released maybe today or tomorrow.