Dev Report No. 8

I think it is once again the time to give a report about the development
status of PLCEdit. Now we have version 2.1.x and I think PLCEdit is a
well featured editor. But the development remains fully active to fit the
requirements of the daily work.

Regarding to the latest ToDo list I’ve started to include a file differencing
dialog. Therefore I’ve added code from beediff, a Qt based opensource
project. Thanks to Piotr Pszczolkowski! A first quick and dirty setup works
pretty cool.

I’ve also started to include a functionblock call convert function which will
be part of the batch routine and file ave routine as well. It should help to
make POU ouputs more compatible to the appointed IDE. I think it will be
a lot of work and maybe some conversions will not supported.

Both features will be part of the next release. If you have some other ideas,
something new ore any regarding the new features please let me know.